Our Services

From the handling and storage of goods, order picking, stock rotation, re-packing and distribution of goods to labelling, quality control and repackaging, our dedicated and experienced team can offer an unrivalled warehousing, storage and logistics solutions service which is right for you.

Order Processing and Stock Rotation

Order processing is an intricate and critical part of any supply chain, and with our fast, efficient and accurate service, Keystore can help to make your warehouse operation as efficient as possible, saving your business time and money.

Our experienced team of warehouse operatives are well-versed in good stock rotation practices including first-in, first-out, and fully understand the problems that can arise if the right product is not picked and dispatched every time.

Using our bespoke warehouse management system, pallets can be located and retrieved quickly and correctly, allowing you to concentrate on running your business, whilst we take care of ensuring the right stock reaches your customers accurately and efficiently.

Just in time

In today’s economic climate, ‘just in time’ (JIT) has never been more important, and is an effective method of improving product quality, productivity and operational efficiency.

The JIT method involves delivering your stock literally just before it is required for a manufacturing or production process, thereby reducing the amount of stock which needs to be stored in a warehouse at any given time, as well cuttings costs and minimising waste.

With a wealth of experience in ‘just in time’ logistics solutions, our dedicated warehouse operatives appreciate how good time-keeping, efficiency and consistency are essential components of implementing a successful logistics solution into a supply chain. We therefore consistently strive to provide a quick, accurate and reliable service which won’t let you down.

For more information about this service, and what we can do to improve your supply chain, please contact us.


Keystore was listed by The London Metal Exchange (LME) in 1996, joining a very small number of UK companies to gain this approval.

Having worked with The London Metal Exchange for many years, our team boasts an unrivalled understanding of the stringent systems and procedures that must be maintained in regards to the storage and handling of non-ferrous metals. We are also well-versed in the rigorous administrative, product identification and weight checks required by the industry.

We offer a comprehensive metals storage service, which dependent on customer requirements, can involve metals being stored either in warrants or lots, and we carry out re-strapping or banding to ensure that stock is stored in good order.

Offering a flexible service tailored to your needs, we can also receive your metals either directly or via a shipment, thanks to our ideal location near to Hull’s King George dock. Goods can also be stored following customs clearance, or placed into a bond.

Regular stock checks using our bespoke warehouse management system are also carried out to provide peace of mind, and we offer global distribution on release of your goods.


Property Development

Property development to Keystore means more than just a new building. It means being responsive to customer requirements and providing the solution that fits the needs of your business exactly.

Whether it is the modification of an existing building or a brand new purpose-built warehouse development, we understand how important it is to get it right first time.

A building may look good from the outside, but serves no purpose if it does not operate correctly on the inside. Whatever route you decide to take, we will work tirelessly to ensure that everything, no matter how small, fits and works exactly as your business needs it to.

Working closely with you to turn the dream warehouse into a reality, we also use the experience of some of the most reputable local specialists in their fields.

It is our aim to deliver premises which will streamline your supply chain, save on costs and reduce lorry miles, whilst minimising your carbon footprint.


We can provide cost-effective and efficient storage and distribution for goods which require either racking or bulk storage in our warehouses, which are located near to a number of major road links, as well as Hull’s Alexandra and King George docks.

Our location means that goods arriving on container shipping services or trailers can be quickly palletised or handballed (manually handled onto pallets) and stored. We offer a complete service which includes stock rotation, order picking, labelling, re-packaging, quality control, logistics and the handling and distribution of goods.

The transport for the distribution of goods can either be customer-nominated or arranged entirely by our team of operatives.

Additionally, when your goods are released, pallets can be located and retrieved quickly and correctly every time through the use of our bespoke warehouse management system.

This system also provides full visibility and control of stock at all times, providing you with peace of mind and enabling your business to maximise operational efficiency.

Leasehold Storage

At Keystore, we pride ourselves on providing a flexible logistics, warehousing and storage service, and offer a number of operational options, including leasehold storage, where a customer can choose to run their own warehousing operation on our site.

Whether you simply need warehouse space, and you’d like to source your own equipment and labour, or would prefer for Keystore to do all of the provisioning for you, the choice is yours.

Additionally, we also offer a property development service, where Keystore can work with your business to build and design a bespoke warehouse operation to suit your requirements.

Logistics & Distribution

Logistics requirements can change on a day-to-day basis for your business, suppliers and customers, and we appreciate how vital a role accuracy, consistency and punctuality play in getting it right.

As well as providing first-rate storage and handling solutions, we also work with an established network of local logistics providers that have proven track records in their field, and who will work hard with us and you, to deliver a flexible, bespoke logistics service which meets your requirements exactly.

Working alongside these partners, we can offer a full logistics solutions service which includes the distribution of goods to destinations worldwide, whilst taking good care to ensure your stock arrives in perfect condition.

Keystore is ideally located to handle shipments arriving at Hull’s Alexandra and King George docks and is perfectly placed for the efficient transfer of goods from quayside to warehouse.
Our location also allows customers to benefit from reduced costs and a more efficient supply chain due to reduced transport time and road miles.

With an experienced team who can handle your goods from start to finish - from unloading and storage to order processing and the distribution of goods, we can take care of all of your needs. Please get in touch to find out more.