About Us

From the handling, storage and distribution of goods to order picking, stock rotation, re-packaging, labelling and quality control, our experienced team offers a comprehensive, high-quality warehousing and logistics package tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Whether you are looking for a complete warehousing, logistics and storage service, implemented and managed by Keystore, or simply need the right facilities and space to run your own warehousing and distribution operation, we can take care of all of your needs. 

Some customers may initially come to us with an ‘overspill’ situation and need to source off-site warehousing space, but later down the line, prefer to begin leasing their own on-site warehousing space.

Additionally, some may want to take over the existing operation from Keystore, retaining the trained personnel and equipment already in place, whilst others may want to progress to creating their own on-site purpose-built warehousing facility with us.

Utilising our 300,000sq ft. of storage space, we also offer a bespoke property development service, where we can work closely with you to create an onsite purpose-built warehousing facility and meet the specific requirements of your business.

At Keystore, we pride ourselves on our ability to expand and tailor our service alongside the needs of our customers’ businesses. So as your requirements change over time, so too can the service we provide to you.


Established in 1985, Keystore was founded as a company specialising in the storage and handling of a number of commodity products, namely cocoa beans, which were imported through Hull’s docks. We later moved into the storage of metal and became a listed warehouse with the London Metal Exchange in 1996.

With Hull’s strong links with the food industry, combined with the fragility of the commodities market during this period, we made the decision in 2000 to diversify, and Keystore quickly established itself as a leading food storage and handling solutions provider.

As such, a new 47,000sq ft. narrow aisle food grade warehouse was commissioned in December 2003 and in 2008, we completed the build of a second food grade warehouse, which covers 32,000sq ft. of storage space.

The business continues to be one of only four London Metal Exchange listed warehouse companies in the Humber region.

In 2010, we gained Authorised Economic Operator status, which is an international mark of quality, assuring customers that their goods are always in safe hands with Keystore.

The company has since continued to go from strength to strength, and with future development always in mind, we’ve recently gained planning permission and drawn up plans for the rebuild of two of our existing warehouses, to provide taller premises which will offer additional on-site storage space.


Reducing our carbon footprint and minimising the impact of our operations upon the environment, is a high priority for Keystore. We are currently looking at a number of ways to make our storage space as environmentally-friendly as we can.

In time, this will involve using solar PV roof panels across all of our storage space, along with LED motion-sensor lighting throughout each of our buildings to conserve as much energy as possible.

Alongside working to make our warehouses as ‘green’ as possible, we have also set ourselves the ultimate goal of creating a zero carbon-footprint warehouse which we have the potential of building over the next few years.

We are also strong supporters of the renewable energy industry, and regularly attend meetings with representatives from local initiatives such as the Renewables Network and Hull Green Port, and help to actively promote what they are doing in the area.

The Team

Keystore has founded its reputation on providing a wide range of high quality, cost-effective and efficient warehousing and storage services, as well as reliable logistics and distribution to destinations worldwide.

Over the years, we have brought together some of the most experienced and talented warehouse operatives from across the UK and the local area. No matter what your warehousing and logistics needs may be, at any given time, our highly trained and experienced team will deliver a quality service every time.

Case Studies


27 September 2012

Our work with Humdinger is a prime example of our commitment to adapting and expanding our service to suit the evolving requirements of the customer. As with all of our customers, we’ve provided Humdinger with a tailored warehousing solutions package which meets the required services, experience, skills, equipment and premises for the company to achieve its goals.

Starting out as a small start-up business a few short years ago, Humdinger has firmly established itself as one of the market leaders within the dried fruit and nut industry.

Initially starting with a small on-site warehouse, Humdinger now operates a purpose-designed and built 32,000sq ft. narrow aisle food grade warehouse which we commissioned in 2009.

By taking the time to learn about and understand Humdinger’s business, we were able to accommodate all of Humdinger’s requirements, for the short-term and the future.


27 September 2012

Since 2001, Keystore’s working relationship with AarhusKarlshamn (AAK) has been ever-evolving and is a true example of the operational flexibility that Keystore can offer.

Originally Keystore stored only a very small percentage of AAK’s overall stock. In the following years this however lead to the ultimate design and build of a 47,000sq ft. food grade narrow aisle warehouse, which is capable of storing all of AAK’s finished product.

Our work with AAK is still underway, and we continue to work closely with the company on future development plans of the site to ensure we consistently meet the high level of flexibility demanded by such a successful local food manufacturer.